When it comes to your financial plan, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work. We craft bespoke financial solutions to protect and grow your hard-earned wealth, and help you pass it on to the next generation. From tax and estate planning, to asset growth, insurance and business ownership, we understand the intricacies involved in wealth preservation. And we know your expectations are high. That’s why we offer objective, unbiased advice combined with an unwavering focus on helping you achieve your goals with confidence.

Guided by our 5-step process, our personalized advice goes beyond just financial planning; it’s a roadmap that evolves with you at every stage of your life and career.


    Step 1. Leavitt Group PWM Introduction and Client Discovery

  • During this initial meeting we discover & clarify your values, dreams, goals and concerns to help us tailor our relationship with you and prioritize your financial needs. In all our years in the investment business, rarely do clients tell us their goals are to simply “have more money”. Together we help define and prioritize your goals and family aspirations. By helping clients articulate the “true purpose” of their wealth and legacy, we can outline and lay the groundwork for their long-term success and legacy.


    Step 2. Financial Analysis Review

  • We compile your information and conduct an in-depth review of your family’s financial situation. This includes all aspects of your financial life including personal and corporate tax planning and tax minimization, investment management and structuring, cash flow management, risk management strategies, work/life balance, philanthropic goals, estate/trust planning and long-term family legacy management.

    Each client situation is unique. Their hopes, dreams, fears and family dynamics. That’s why we analyze and assess each clients’ comfort with risk and volatility to ensure their wealth is managed in a prudent, moderate fashion while striving to remove much of the downside risk.


    Step 3. Planning Presentation

  • Once we have consolidated your information, we build financial projections for various scenarios using our sophisticated modeling techniques. The data we obtain aides us in providing sound recommendations and realistic opportunities. We present and explain all of our recommendations and address any questions you or any of your other advisors (accountants, lawyers, etc,) may have and make any adjustments based on your review. Once you are satisfied, we put your plan into practice.


    Step 4. Personal Financial Plan Implementation

  • Over the years, we have seen many fancy, expensive and sophisticated financial plans collect dust on someone’s shelf. A financial plan (or any plan for that matter) is not worth the paper it is written on unless it is successfully implemented. This is where Leavitt Group Private Wealth rises to the top. From concept to design to implementation, we quarterback and execute clients' financial strategies aiming to ensure their long-term successful outcomes. By shifting the responsibility of implementation from clients to us, we become accountable for providing superior advice and consistent follow-through as we strive to meet and exceed their goals.


    Step 5. Ongoing Review and Monitoring

  • Your wealth management plan is a living document. Life doesn’t stand still, nor does your family, nor should your family wealth management plan. We regularly revisit your progress to make sure that you are meeting and exceeding your short, medium and long term goals.

    Tax laws change, economies and markets shift. We take the worry and hassle away for clients as we continually keep abreast of changes and opportunities to makes timely adjustments for clients. You have to be nimble in this economic environment.

    We actively monitor and manage all client portfolios so that clients can sleep well at night. And we practice what we preach. Our personal wealth and success is directly aligned with clients' wealth and success.

Is your financial well-being on track?

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