We are committed to helping affluent Canadians manage the complex and evolving needs of their wealth. Whether you are recently retired or have a growing business, we take a holistic approach to your overall financial well-being. Clients and their families are at the heart of everything we do, every day. We have helped clients across a range of needs and goals that include:


    Pre-retirees and Retirees

  • You may have spent your working life accumulating wealth. Now you are getting ready to move to the next phase. This will involve a fundamental change in how you view and manage your wealth. 

    The focus has moved from saving to growing, protecting, and enjoying your wealth.

    We can help you address several realities:

    • You may live longer than you expect, and maintaining your lifestyle could become a challenge
    • Managing your tax bill is even more critical to protecting your assets over time
    • The strategies for creating a tax-efficient, life-long income are different
    • Your ability to leave a legacy depends on a well thought-out plan.

    We are here to listen and help you look forward to a long and comfortable retirement.


    Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • As business owners ourselves, we understand some of the unique challenges and opportunities available to incorporated business owners and entrepreneurs. Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, we can help you maintain your lifestyle now and throughout your retirement.

    Building wealth goes beyond running a strong balance sheet and showing profits each year. A key to enjoying the results of your hard work is to build wealth inside and outside your business.

    We can guide you in creating:

    • a succession plan to help ensure you get the return on your life investment you deserve
    • a holding company, a life insurance policy, and other tools to limit your tax liability 
    • a well-diversified investment portfolio outside the business that can continue to generate income long after you have sold or moved on from your life as a business owner
    • a benefits package to help attract and maintain your employees

    Healthcare Professionals

  • Given your commitment to the well-being of your patients and staying current with medical advancements, you may not have time to focus on your present and future wealth management needs.

    We offer practical investment and tax management insights that are relevant to your needs as a medical professional.

    • Help you minimize your tax liability on active business income by setting up a private corporation
    • Create a corporate life insurance policy on your behalf
    • Ensure you make the most of deductions and credits

    The complexity of your investment and other wealth-related decisions grow with your practice. We can help you stay on track with wealth management strategies and investment opportunities that are in line with your risk tolerance while offering the potential for steady investment returns.


    Multigenerational Families

  • We believe that strong communication between different generations is critical because as the values and goals of all members are heard, conversation among them becomes easier.

    We can help guide you through these sensitive and intricate conversations with your family. Our role in includes:

    • Guiding clients to the most tax-advantaged ways to pass along wealth that match their current goals
    • Help the next generation understand the impact of sudden-wealth events (such as inheritances) and how to prepare for them in advance
    • Careful and ongoing management of your family’s wealth which helps family members to focus on their life goals knowing their wealth management needs are in good hands.

    An effective estate plan is one that gives details of what you wish to leave behind, how you want it to impact your children’s and grandchildren’s lives, and how much flexibility you want in the way they use your legacy.


    Agriculture and Farming Families

  • Based in Southern Alberta, our team deeply understands the unique needs of the farming and agricultural sector. We’ve served a range of clients from farm owners to large agri-business companies, as well as producers and processors.

    With a comprehensive wealth management strategy, our team can help you navigate and plan for needs that may include:

    • Economic and fiscal factors such as changing government policy, global competition, difficulty in accessing capital, and price volatility
    • Family dynamics and succession planning
    • Life and business insurance structuring
    • Incorporation and tax efficient structuring

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